Muscat Barrel Aged Gin


Limited Edition

This Muscat Barrel Aged release is a very limited, single barrel handcrafted Gin, aged in a very rare old Barossa fortified Muscat barrel. The barrel has been carefully resized and re-fired by an artisan local Cooper to achieve the specific level of char required to impart maximum flavour to the Gin.

Aged for 8 months, the result is another sublime tasting, rich and complex ’Spirit of Barossa’. Our Muscat Barrel Aged delivers rich caramel, toffee and hints of fruitcake with the long, reassuring flavours of Barossa Gin on the finish.

Fortified Muscats from the Barossa are scarce these days, a sublime Barossa Gin aged in fortified Muscat barrels is even rarer. Bottled unfiltered. Drink as a Gin (a dash of Dry Ginger and a Squeeze of fresh lime) or as a Whisky over ice.

With only 130 bottles available, this is definitely one for the collection.

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