BDC 7Day Sale, Day 1 – 2 x 2021 Barossa Shiraz Gin get 20% off


Day 1 of our Barossa Distilling Co 7 Day sale
Over the next 7 days we are going to offer you 7 different, but superbly special offers. Each day a new offer will be announced. We have put our heads together and come up with some of the best deals we could think of. It all starts today!
Day 1 – 2 x 2021 Barossa Shiraz Gin
Back again for what could be the very best Vintage yet, our 2021 Barossa Shiraz Gin. 700ml of smooth and fruity dark berry Shiraz gin flavour. Drink it on the rocks, short with Lemon and tonic, or long and refreshing with Ginger Beer. Exceptional flavour and exceptionally versatile. It’s here for a good time but it won’t be around for a long time….
All of our Barossa Distilling co 7 Day Sale includes FREE SHIPPING!