Maple Biscoff Espresso Martini

Maple Biscoff Espresso Martini

Espresso Martini...but make it Biscoff. We couldn't help but make an Espresso Martini with two of our favourite things; Miss Maple Gin Liqueur and Biscoff. The outcome, a Maple Biscoff Espresso Martini. This caramelly Coffee Liqueur mix is the perfect recipe for those wanting an Espresso Martini with a little something extra.
SERVINGS: 1 person
PREP TIME: 8 minutes


  • 45 mls of Miss Maple Gin Liqueur
  • 45 ml of Espresso Coffee
  • 30 ml Coffee Liqueur
  • 1 tablespoon of Biscoff Spread
  • Biscoff biscuit to garnish


  • Firstly take your freshly brewed espresso coffee and mix in the Biscoff Spread.
  • Then add ice to your cocktail shaker until it is just over half full.
  • Add Miss Maple Gin Liqueur, Coffee Liqueur and finally your coffee and Biscoff spread mix.
  • Put the lid on the shaker and give it a good shake for at least 20 seconds to create a good thick crema for your cocktail.
  • Strain into your glass and garnish with a whole or crushed Biscoff biscuit. For something a little extra special, melt some Biscoff spread and lit it drip around the rim of your glass.

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