Shiraz Gin Spritz

Shiraz Gin Spritz

Meet the Barossa Shiraz Gin Spritz, the vibrant spritz you didn’t know you needed. Using our Barossa Shiraz Gin, this spritz is the perfect balance of Gin, Aperol and Prosecco for a pleasantly citrus berry flavour with a touch of bitterness.

  • Serves 1 Person


  • 90mls of Prosecco
  • 45mls of Aperol
  • 15mls Barossa Shiraz Gin
  • 30mls of Soda
  • Ice
  • Orange slice to garnish


  1. Firstly fill a white wine glass with ice.
  2. Then pour in Prosecco, Aperol, Shiraz Gin and top with soda.
  3. Lastly, garnish with a slice of orange, stir and enjoy!