Barossa Shiraz Gin


Awarded World’s Best Flavoured Gin at the 2024 World Gin Awards

Barossa Shiraz Gin is produced just once a year from the same super-intense Shiraz grapes that are revered across the globe. This is a silky-smooth Shiraz Gin with an inky depth and incredible richness.

This deep red gin boasts a bold aroma and a rich taste that marries red Shiraz grape fruits with botanical notes, offering a perfect alcohol balance and a lingering taste. The nose presents a rich, tart, and sweet red fruit aroma with citrus hints. On the palate, it delivers tannic bitterness, citral acidity, and a smooth texture, complemented by juniper, coriander, and warm spices. The jammy, earthy nose leads to a mouthfeel with depth, showcasing earthy wormwood and botanicals alongside red grape flavours.

Watch the behind-the-scenes process of how our Shiraz Gin is made.

Enjoy neat over ice, mix with ginger beer, tonic or your mixer of choice and garnish with dehydrated lemon or lime. Or get creative and knock up a cocktail or two.

Recipes featuring our Barossa Shiraz Gin:

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700ml Bottle Size. 38% Alc/Vol
Also available in a Barossa Shiraz Gin Mini 200mL.

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Barossa Shiraz Gin AwardsBarossa Shiraz Gin AwardsBarossa Shiraz Gin Awards




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Weight 1.4 kg
Dimensions 23 × 11 × 11 cm

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